A Community

The most successful flourishing and growing communities foster trust and mutual responsibility between teacher and student. In fact, they are places where the teacher and student are one and the same: both engaged in the learning and the teaching.  They are places where we learn to be community. 

Church is one such place. We are all here to learn together…to make help make each other into better people—into the loving community that Jesus promised we’d be.  This is hard and sometimes scary work, as we need to submit to each other and mutually share power, but anything less will not do.  Come join us.  Come learn and come teach.  Your presence will enhance our learning community—as we learn to truly be the “beloved community.” 

Come Join the Party

We love to find every opportunity for a party. 

Make New Friends

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Bring the whole Family

The family, whether your biological unit or the one you create here, is the core of our community.