Outreach Ministries

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

- Albert Einstein

Reaching out is a central focus of our mission at St. Luke’s. We strive to recognize the challenges that face our neighbors on a daily basis and to lend a hand to help others to grow and flourish in the community and the world. We choose to use our central location in the city of Jamestown to it’s full advantage by collaborating with local agencies and sharing our many gifts.


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Office Hours:  

Mon — Fri, 9am — 5pm

Saturdays - 5pm
Sundays - 8am & 10am
Thursdays - 12:05pm

St. Luke's Episcopal Church

410 N Main St.

Jamestown, NY 14701


St. Luke's Thrift Store

409 Pine St

Jamestown, NY 14701


Open: 10am-2pm on Thursday, Friday & Saturday