Hospitatlity Ministries

When you visit a new place you may be greeted with a friendly smile or a hearty handshake as a sign of welcome. Your host will usually then offer an invitation to “come in” sometimes even to “make yourself at home.” In most cultures, an invitation for coffee or a meal is the most sincere expression of hospitality that a host can give to a friend, neighbor or even a stranger. Fellowship and food help us to build relationships and strengthen our community.   

We invite you to join us and be fed. Come for breakfast, coffee or one of our special luncheons or dinners. Take what you need from our bread ministry or join us to “feed your mind” as a part of our book club. Our doors are also open to you through our television and radio broadcasts and newsletters if you can’t be here in person. Come in, join us – all are welcome here!

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Office Hours:  

Mon — Fri, 9am — 5pm

Saturdays - 5pm
Sundays - 8am & 10am
Thursdays - 12:05pm

St. Luke's Episcopal Church

410 N Main St.

Jamestown, NY 14701


St. Luke's Thrift Store

409 Pine St

Jamestown, NY 14701


Open: 10am-2pm on Thursday, Friday & Saturday