A loving and supportive place to play, work, and learn together


"Spiritual growth increases our sense of what is possible. And as we sense new possibility, we can step into that possibility. With every word, every thought, every action, we choose what we wish to call forth in life."

Marianne Williamson (American spiritual teacher, author and lecturer)

It is often said that change is inevitable, but growth is intentional. Truer words have never been spoken when it comes to the ways that we are all encouraged to learn and live our faith at St. Luke's.

Our Children's Chapel, Bricks of Faith (Lego) Ministry and Youth programs such as SLY and SLY Jr help explain the gospel on levels that even our youngest members can relate to, while our weekly Men's and Women's bible studies, book groups and EFM ministries help our more "mature" members examine their own faith formation.

Musical performance groups for all ages, special concerts and movies and theater productions by our own Winged Ox players also offer more active ways to  for us to share our gifts while spreading our message.